Every customer has specific needs. We study them in depth and provide them with the best solutions.

As automotive industry is experiencing a period of high-speed development, high quality, high efficiency and low-cost of production are becoming the essential requirements in market competition. Meanwhile, with the appearing of new products, new technology, new process, new materials, there are new demands on cutting technology and tools.

Comprehensive heavy industry is always the biggest consumer market of cutting tools. With the development and transformation of heavy industry, they are looking for a range of services with cutting-edge tools and equipment.Unlike routine industrial services, heavy machinery services require unique features.

With the continuous upgrading of oil&gas products and old oil&gas fields are getting harsher. The new demands and damages of assemblies are constantly increasing, Sieeso developed dedicated tools and supporting solutions, with a series of new achievement. providing professional solutions for drilling tools, wellheads, connector manifolds and unique components used in oil&gas industry.

Die and mold making have complexity demands for cutting tools’ quality,  with the development of the whole cutting tools environment, Sieeso has dedicated tools and supporting solutions for different die and mold. You can find what you need in the website.

With the continuous upgrading of aviation products, new aviation materials continue to emerge, especially in aviation field of sophisticated products uses a lot of titanium alloy, high temperature alloys of difficult to machining materials and composite materials, cutting properties are different, these are  promote the development of tool to the extremely important role in promoting. Aircraft engine parts with more rotating parts and turning process, while the aviation structure is relatively complex structure, processing to milling.

Machine tool builders have large demands for the cutting tools. we always keep in touch with machine tool builders and get their latest demands for the cutting tools. Therefore, we can provide a better solution for the changes in the area.

Wind power generation is an important form of wind power utilization. Wind power is renewable, no-pollution, great energy and great potential. Rapid promote the development of clean energy which is a strategic option for all countries in the world. Wind power technology and equipment are essential constituent part of wind power industry, are also the basis and safeguard for the development of wind power industry.

Miniature parts processing is a technical working. It allows machine tool to work perfectly with qualified cutting tools.The precision should be accurate. Sieeso provides a wide variety of products suitable for Swiss-type machines, dedicated for small parts.